Du touche du feder dos univars - IMAGE 2 Natura di force et timidi - IMAGE 3 Snowa a lora es pura di pass - IMAGE 4 Lorum ipsum es un child et laught er - IMAGE 5 Simpla ma mirras cras saul - IMAGE 6 Falls di cras ipsum so climb ta sku - IMAGE 7 Dos symbos dos luv si ipsum um child - IMAGE 8 Timas di a sol mas simplicas - IMAGE 1

module | cycle is a module of jor_aniMateMASTERPACKv3.0
module | cycle can be used to create transitions on cycled content display - ie. an Image gallery display
module | cycle is a highly customized version of the original cycle slider (jQuery cycle plugin 1)
module | cycle is extremely flexible and adaptive if used in combination with other modules of JMPv3.0 as demonstrated on this playground

On the (draggable)   playground   you can try out some of the properties of   module | cycle
Also, change the slider position with the  JMPv3.0 Position Setting  and  Resize  this page  to  experience the  full  flexibility of this  playground

NEW**! in JMPv3 b5.3 - Option Aspect Ratio - module | cycle now even more powerful, maintain aspect ratio for  each  individual  image

NOTE: this playground is a demo for the extension jor_aniMateMASTERPACKv3.0
additional modules of jor_aniMateMASTERPACKv3.0 used on this page are:
module | reposition
module | scroll
module | OnEvent
module | CoreUI draggable
easy tools | preblock

more demo's, online manual, etc for jor_aniMateMASTERPACKv3.0 visit jorextensions.com
module | cycle playground
jor_aniMateMASTERPACKv3.0 build 5 • 2009 - 2015
Dos symbos dos luv si ipsum um child - Image 8
module | cycle